What I like about my job – 2.0

Cotton harvester

A cotton harvester mows cotton and rolls it into large rolls for delivery to a nearby cotton gin.

One of the cool things about my job is the opportunities to take photographs. It’s actually how I wound up in journalism. I loved photography and decided to add writing to my skill set.

I like being near these large behemoth machines, taking photographs of them in action. In this case a large harvester quickly picks cotton in California’s fertile San Joaquin Valley and converts it into large rolls of cotton that will be delivered to a nearby gin for processing.

Update 2.0…

Since writing this a couple weeks ago I’ve had the opportunity to spend a little time on the road. One of the highlights was the opportunity to talk with a researcher who is doing some incredible work with some very tiny bugs. Some of these bugs are quite destructive towards citrus plants and trees. A second kind of bug he’s studying is quite destructive to the first set of bugs.

But, as nature would have it, even the predators have their own predators. It’s an interesting story of biology, nature and ingenuity.

Stay tuned… I’m sure I’ll have an opportunity to share more about this fascinating story in the future.


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