What sets ag media apart?

English: Farmers Ranchers Cooperative feed mil...A recent e-mail from a former colleague of mine in ag media caused me to think once again… just what is it about agricultural media that sets it apart from the mainstream, and, more importantly, makes it valuable to farmers, ranchers and industry representatives.

As with any service or product, there has to be an intrinsic value in it if it’s going to sell. The notion of “if you build it, they will come” may make for good Hollywood scripts starring Kevin Cosner, but it’s not enough to simply build a widget or provide a service if nobody wants it.

That said, my background in ag media caused me to ponder: What kind of information is most important to farmers and ranchers? Are they more interested in politics or in trade association and trade issues? Moreover, where do farmers, ranchers and ag industry types go for the kinds of information they seek?

What do you think? Given the explosion in social media and the more electronic forms of mass communications, where do farmers, ranchers and ag professionals go for information? Do trade association journals help? What about the various other trade media publications? How about the various Farm Bureaus and their newspapers and newsletters: what value do they have in helping farmers and ranchers? How do they help the rest of us who just assume that our grocery stores will be stocked with plenty of safe and tasty food fully understand the important role American agriculture plays in our economy, to our national security and to our sovereignty as a nation?

Is there one source (a clearinghouse of sorts) or, because of the vast amount of information out there, are there several common resources that people seek when engaged in agriculture?

For instance, how important are blogs and social media to furthering agriculture’s cause? Is that a separate question from where farmers and ranchers get their information? Should ag media become more mainstream in an effort to educate the 99% of us who don’t plant it, pick it and pack it? What about the politicians who serve farmers and ranchers… what’s the best way to inform them to the benefit of American agriculture?

Please let me know. Let’s discuss this.


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