Urban liberals fail to follow their own advice

The O'Shaughnessy Dam in Yosemite National Par...

O’Shaughnessy Dam in Yosemite National Park

Apparently the liberals in San Francisco don’t see the irony in their latest request for more water.

An article in the Modesto Bee reports that the city by the bay is willing to pay $700 an acre foot for water that is already being used by Central Valley farmers to grow the food that feeds most San Franciscans and much of the world.

The Bee does a good job of covering the issue, in my estimation, going so far as to imply that there is more than enough water to go around, and that it shouldn’t diminish agriculture’s supply of the precious commodity.

The crux of the issue is San Francisco’s offer to the Modesto Irrigation District, which provides water and power to a large portion of the northern San Joaquin Valley, for a commodity with growing value throughout California’s farm country. As America’s largest farming state, California’s agricultural value cannot be under-estimated. It provides more than $30 billion in direct farm-gate income to farmers and an additional 2-3 times that amount in economic impact throughout the state.

Nevertheless, San Francisco is willing to pony up roughly 100 times the amount of money charged to farmers for that same water, and the MID is apparently taking the offer seriously.

I’ll let you read the story for yourself. My impression from it, however, is that San Francisco fails to see the irony in their request.

Why does San Francisco need the additional water? It’s already dammed up a large portion of Yosemite National Park to build reservoirs for its thirsty residents. It can’t be from the massive population influx into the city, which is so overgrown now that the only place else to go is up. In fact, the Sacramento Bee several months ago reported at length on the state’s population loss as residents, illegal and otherwise, flee for better economic climates in Mexico and other states across America. So if it can’t be from population growth (the Bee story fails to answer this question), what then is the reason for San Francisco’s need for more water?

Why can’t they then simply reuse, reduce and recycle? After all, that’s what all good liberals want the rest of us to do, particularly those in agriculture. Why can’t San Francisco simply reduce, reuse and recycle its way back to a reasonable use of the water it’s already been allocated? Could it be they’re using too much but don’t want to admit it?

Inquiring minds want to know.


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