Part 6: Stop the insanity and fight to win

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In the previous post I set the stage for American agriculture to become more offensive in its approach to advocating for their jobs, their livelihoods and this country’s food supply rather than succumb to the “prevent defense” mode of gamesmanship.

What does that look like and how do we achieve victory? What does victory look like? Is it war-like in nature where victory means the total annihilation of the enemy and their unconditional surrender? Does it mean we simply score more points than the other team within a certain amount of time? Or, is it something completely different and yet-to-be-defined?

I’ll put forth the idea that victory for American agriculture means that the policies of our elected leaders, at the direction of “We the People,” are such that American agriculture is allowed to flourish and even expand where necessary so that this nation produces such an abundance of food and fiber that we are totally and completely self-sufficient and are capable of exporting large amounts of food to the economic benefit of farmers and ranchers all across the fruited plains. Given that explanation it might sound as if we’ve already won — but not so fast.

Victory for American agriculture means that as the antagonists pop up, a larger voice arises among us to laugh them into a place of utter submission of thought. As is written in the Declaration of Independence, “We hold these truths to be self-evident…” there are truths today that were truths yesterday and 200 years ago. The truth doesn’t change.

While we’ve evolved from an agrarian society through the various technological ages, the fact remains that we must still eat. Technology has allowed us to feed more people on fewer acres of farmland, with less water needed for those crops, and this isn’t necessarily bad. But, that doesn’t mean we can simply continue to reduce our agricultural footprint and need for agricultural water sources because we’ve been so successful in the past at surviving this reduction of farmland and farm water. The reason agriculture has been so successful at doing more with less is because it’s been forced to by the policies and laws of those who already have theirs and seem not to care from where it comes. At some point agriculture (and America) will reach a point of diminishing return, where we can no longer reduce our agricultural output and survive as a nation. I fear we’re almost there.

The time is here where we need to fight to win the hearts and minds of as many of the remaining 99% in this country who daily take for granted that the lights will turn on when the switch is flipped, the water will run when the faucet is opened and the grocery stores will be open and stocked with ample supplies of food for us to consume.

Albert Einstein is credited with saying: “Insanity (is) doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” WIth that in mind, it’s time for American agriculture to cease with the “tried and true” methods that simply do not work anymore and instead take on some new tactics to win the war.

What do you think?


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