Dear Chico News & Review…Let’s Be in This Together!

This is quite long, but oftentimes passion does that to a person.
The author here is responding to an article in a local newspaper that literally attacked her for her attempt to get out a more accurate report on beef production and agriculture.

Chico Locker & Sausage Co. Inc.

I sat down today to write regarding the issue of my letter to the editor and blogpost being “slimed” last week in the Chico News and Review GreenHouse Section by the author Ms. LaPado. In case you missed it.. It all started with this blogpost:

And then two weeks later, here is what resulted:

Upon reading this response to my blogpost and letter, it still leads me to seriously question some of the information brought up in the column and I am disheartened to read that misinformation is still being provided and that none of my science, based sources were used or cited. Rather a column from the Independent Green News Source, Grist, was used as a main source. But what is done is done and there’s no use to beat a dead horse. Readers of your column as well as my blog have made up their mind…

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